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Lead by Cabot Eudaley!

Reading was on Paper 160  "Rodan of Alexandria", Starting with section 2 "The Art of Living"!

We read through section 4.

Attendance was 10,

Music was provided by Terry Pursell, "god Hears my Prayers"!

Smores Pizza courtesy of Jill Eudaley!

Wednesday Sept 30

Study began in Paper 159 "The Decapolis Tour" section 6 "The Return to Magadan",  and carried into paper 160 "Rodan of Alexandria" section 2 "the Art of Living"!

Attenendance was 8

Music featured Terry Pursell performing Bind Faith's "In the Presence of the Lord"!


Wednesday Night Study Group!

This Week we had an attendance of ten.

Cabot Eudaley lead the meeting.

Paper studied was Paper 158 Mount of Transfiguration, beginning with 4 The epileptic Boy and ending in 6 Celsus' Garden!

These two sections invoked a great deal of meaningful discussion!

We did not have music this week, but hopefully will again next week.

Snacks were provided by Jill Eudaley!

The Jesus Papers are a wonderful section to study, come see us!

Wednesday Weekly Blog

This is my first week Blogging for this!


We had a lively group of 7! Meeting began with the Serenity Prayer! We began with Paper 157 section 7 Andrews Conference! We continued on through Paper 158 through Section 3! Meeting Ended with the Believers Prayer!

Music was provided by Terry Pursell!

Cookies were provided by Jill Eudaley!

Thank you all for a wonderful meeting!


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