SSIV on Cosmic Citizen Radio Changed again for the Last time

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SSIV Presenters and friends,

It has been a comedy of errors to get the date right for our show on blogtalkradio.

Snafus have been abundant, but I have the final word from Christilyn Biek that we will be on tomorrow at 10:00 Mountain time.

Hope you can join us, we have two hours to fill which will be awesome.

Tom Allen
Program Chair SSIV


If you wish to call and speak call in at 646-716-8158 make sure you press 1 to speak to the host - if you don't press 1 she will think you are just listening to the show via your phone rather than waiting to speak. Which is FINE if you are just listening. If you are just listening on the phone, do mute the phone while you listen.

WHEN you are having a group of people calling in to talk about their presentations, it is a good idea to stagger the callers - say every 15 or 20 minutes throughout the 2 hour show - they can be waiting on the line to listen to the show but have them press 1 at the designated time for them to talk if they are scheduled to talk about their topic. That 2 hours goes by very quickly when you have a lot of people on the air and a lot of topics you hope to cover. It is a good idea to have an outline prepared so you get through all the most important things first. Trust me, that 2 hours feels like 20 minutes when you are enthusiastic about your material.  We are always amazed at how fast that 2 hours goes by and we are once again at the end of our show.

Good Luck and welcome to The Cosmic Citizen - we are not always this disorganized!!! I just lost track of the calendar.