Turkish Translation

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Karen, please relay this message to your Society:


We are happy to share the good news that as of today, 1808 pages of The Urantia Book have been translated into Turkish, leaving only 288 pages to be done.  We need about $6,500 to complete the work and have developed a new website that you can use to contribute, if you choose -  www.urantia.NYC/TTRindex.HTML#TTRhelp.  So many of you have helped us reach this place.  We are incredibly grateful for your participation.  If you would like to  continue working with us on this project, please log into the website and give whatever you are able.  We look forward to being able to announce its completion at IC ‘ 17. 

Come and join us in this important work.  We welcome your help.

Call me with any questions:  Eileen Laurence, 914-584-7584